How to new a fund and populate its return data?

As a registered user, whether a manager or an investor, he/she can manage a list of funds for various analysis. After a user register and sign in for the first time, the first thing to do is to new a fund and populate its return data.

 Click the link "New Fund" in the block of "MY FUNDS" and you will be able to input fund name and fund description. Fill in these fields and click the button "SAVE".


 The fund will be saved into the database and you will see the name of the fund below the item "Funds".

 Click the link "Return History" in the block of "FUND ANALYSIS", the user interface to populate the initial return data will be open.

 You can specify the start date for the fund and the number of returns for this fund. These inputs should be consistent to make sure the ending date for the fund will not exceed the current date.

 You will observe that a list of returns are initialized.

 You will need to click "Save" button on the right to save those initial returns to the database.

 Finally, the return data for the fund has been saved to the database.